Contact Centre Setup Consulting Services

Contact Centre Setup Consulting Services

A contact centre is becoming an essential part of any business. Much of the success and reputation of the business is dependent on how well the contact centre functions. We at Athena BPO offer our consulting services to help you set up a a good contact centre setup. Here’s what we do:

Advisory Solutions

Whether it is quality enhancement, workforce management or managing the operational flow, our experts at Athena BPO will met out solutions tailored to your specific operations or problems.

We have a team of experts coming from varied industrial fields with extensive experiences. After observing your operations and understanding your concerns, our experts will redefine or chart out the exact process flows to ensure that you get optimal yield and efficiency from your existing operations.

Operational Review and Evaluation

Know precisely how your call centre is functioning, understand the gaps and how it can be plugged to improve efficiency and customer experience. Our operational review and evaluation spans across the broad spectrum of services ranging from recruitment, training and coaching, quality assessment and assurance, knowledge management, workforce management, customer feedback, process evaluation and enhancement and more. Our assessment would also include evaluating online and offline training.

Our senior consultants at Athena BPO involve in understanding the onsite operations, collect pre-assessment data, conduct staff interview at various levels and then analysis the findings and suggest recommendations. All the findings and recommendations are structured in an easy to read out report.

Athena Contact Centre Site Certification

At Athena BPO, we engage state of the art tools, techniques and strategies along with proven to deliver industry best practices, evaluation and recommendations to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of your contact centre. For this, we employ 360° approach encompassing operations management assessment, critical analysis, operations audit and finally the recommendations, after which the organization is ready for the certification.

Our experts will guide the organization at each stage to plug the gap if any and ensure that the certifications requirements are met.

We also offer assistance at every stage to implement our recommendations.

Make the most out of your contact centre!

While a contact centre helps you feel the pulse of your customers, it is not quite easy to maintain it. You have to deal with employees and equipment which are not directly related to your business. In this crisis, expert advice is essential. We, at Athena BPO help you in all the aspects of setting up a contact centre. Hence with us, you are sure to provide the best customer services to your customers at an affordable cost.