Case Studies

Case Studies

1. Challenge: Client has decentralized customer care spread over India with no centralized data, mis, information available.

Solution: Athena Bpo created a centralized Contact Centre , end to end CRM not only facing the call centre but also facing all the service centers and Head office, where at the click of the key Real Time MIS and data is now available.

This lead to huge earnings on Repair Services , better region wise inventory of spare parts tracking, better CSAT of customers.

2. Challenge: Client was tracking various customer communications from media’s like voice, web chat, email, sms etc independently

Solution : Athena created a Omni Solution for the clients, where whatever route the customer takes to communicate basis his Cust Id he will be tracked and updated on ONE CRM

This lead to huge savings on cutting of duplication of work, triggers were generated once rather than multiple times.

3. Challenge: Clients Digital leads were coming to Athena in excel and prospects were not being called immediately

Solution: Athena BPO through a web service integrated with the clients lead management system to receive leads within 2 seconds of the same being submitted , leading to an increase of 27% in contactibility and major increase in leads and final net pull for the client.

This lead to a huge decrease in spend per lead for the client

4. Challenge: Client’s Digital leads are shared with Athena BPO without any bifurcation of Personal Loan and business loan leads.

Solution: Athena BPO through a web service integrated with the clients lead management for bifurcation of Business Loan and Personal loan leads which helps in providing expertise solutionsas per client’s requirement.

This Helps in providing expertise solutions to the customers and which in turns increases the productivity and business.

5. Challenge: Client’s has different Campaigns/CRMs through which customer can apply for the product. These leads post calling are required to be sent to respective city for further processing.

Solution: Athena Bpo created a centralized platform which consolidates all the leads and then city wise segregate the leads and share it on field post calling.

This helps in increasing Campaign wise/ City wise productivity and business.

6. Challenge: Customers applying through online portal if get stuck while filling up the application use to drop out.

Solution: Athena Bpo provided platform through which if the customer has difficulty while filling up application, he can call the and the agent will fill the application on behalf of the customer.

This helps in retaining customers and provide prompt service to the customers.